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About Us

Mingo Space, founded in 2020, is an online language school based in Malaysia and Australia. My friends and I founded this online language school because we believed that language lessons should focus on cultures rather than just grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structures. To communicate with a native speaker, we believe that confidence is far more important than language proficiency. At Mingo Space, we will work to boost your confidence while also teaching you about different cultures. You will soon be able to speak more confidently and master a new language if you use this method!

"To help our children become global citizens, we should create a multilingual environment for them."
- Rachael


Why should Kids be Multilingual?

Knowing a second or third language can help children communicate more confidently with others and make more new friends.

Children will benefit academically from learning a new language because it improves their memory.

While learning about a new culture, children can improve their cultural intelligence.

What Our Students Have to Say

My 8 and 10 year old sons have gone from zero Mandarin to basically confident quite quickly and I'm delighted with their progress. They enjoy their lessons and find their teacher to be friendly and effective. If you're looking for a warm, professional, and competent teacher, I highly recommend booking a lesson with Mingo Space.

Parents from Australia
Rachael is a supportive and well-prepared teacher. She answers all questions with patience and is extremely flexible to changes in my daughter's schedule, or additional wishes for the class. The topics are not rigid and teach a lot about culture and way of thinking, additionally to the language learning. Her time management during the class is ideal and if wished, she also gives tasks for homework. With her positive attitude and fun to teach, learning with her becomes a lot more enjoyable.

Parents from China
My son's teacher is very patient and always comes well-prepared for her lessons. She took the time to understand my son's learning goals and tailors the lessons to his needs. Her classes are always fun and interesting, and her materials clear and well-structured. She is also very punctual and responsive.

Parents from Hong Kong

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