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Frequently Asked Questions

Teachers in Mingo Space are from different educational backgrounds and have experience in teaching. Our teachers are carefully selected by our team to ensure quality teaching.

In Mingo Space, in order to optimize your learning process, we create standardized lesson materials based on textbooks. We do also provide personalised lessons upon request.

We use Zoom or Skype as a platform to teach you through live lessons.

No, we provide all materials, so you don’t need to spend money to purchase them.

We accept PayPal and Bank Transfer (payment from Malaysia and Singapore only). There will be extra 3% surcharge for payment made by PayPal. 

You can reschedule or cancel your classes through sending an email to or whatsapp us at +6010-2510962. However cancellation or rescheduling must be made before 5pm of the day before the scheduled class.

A refund will be provided if cancellation or rescheduling has been made before 5pm of the day before the scheduled class.

We are confident such incidents will not occur as our teachers are responsible candidates selected by the team. However if that happens, please email us at or whatsapp as at +6010-2510962 to discuss and reschedule the lesson with no additional charges.

At Mingo Space, we assign teachers to our students based on availability and students’ requirements. However, if you have a selected teacher or wish for a permanent teacher, kindly contact us so that arrangements can be made.

We accept kids starting from 6 years of age.

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